Importing Procedures

Importing Procedures from the UK to the EU.

At Blow White Ltd, we are committed to ensuring a seamless experience for our customers, including those in the European Union. Here's an overview of our import procedures:

EORI GB093736286000: We have obtained an Economic Operators Registration and Identification (EORI) number, which is essential for customs declarations.

HS Code Classification: Vaping Liquids (E-liquids) not containing nicotine.
Our products are classified according to the Harmonized System HS Code: 3302.10, allowing for accurate customs declarations.

Customs Documentation: For each shipment, we provide a commercial invoice detailing the goods, quantity, value, and HS code. In addition, a packing list is included if applicable.

Customs Declarations: We submit a comprehensive customs declaration form, ensuring compliance with EU regulations. This includes information about the goods, their value, origin, and other relevant details.

VAT and Duties: Import Value Added Tax (VAT) and any applicable customs duties are paid to ensure smooth clearance through customs.

We are not responsible for import VAT payments, the import VAT is added up to the customer's payment, If the customer pays out the import VAT during the delivery process.

Record Keeping: We maintain records of all import-related documents, including customs declarations, invoices, and receipts.

Delivery and Distribution: Our goods are delivered to designated locations within the EU Amazon Fulfilment Program. We may distribute from our fulfilment centers located in the EU for efficient and timely service.

Please note that these procedures are in accordance with EU regulations and are subject to any changes in customs and trade policies.

For any further inquiries or clarification regarding our import procedures, please feel free to contact our customer support team.